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Perfect for the whole family

Newborns to super seniors

Imagine your life..... pain free , with less stress and more vitality!

Are you seeking a safe and natural solution for your health problems?

Are you looking for a proven way to overcome these problems without medication?

Welcome! I am Ann St Amant, a licensed acupuncturist in practice since 1991. I have helped thousands of people, like you, to regain their health and well-being through acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

Whether you are seeking a solution to chronic or acute illness and /or pain, anxiety, fertility issues, menopausal issues, allergies, asthma , insomnia etc..... acupuncture can be of enormous benefit to you and your whole family.

. As of April 1, 2020 I will be working exclusivement in Baie d"Urfé

To experience a change for the better, I am ready to help you.


Health and well being



Warming and soothing



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